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IMsupporting are a UK based , cloud software provider. Providing live chat software to UK and Worldwide businesses at an affordable price.

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Live Chat Widget On A Website

What is Live chat software

Live chat or Live chat software is a tool used by many websites the world over. Its used to help communicate with website visitors in real time without the need of a telephone or email.

Live chat is being used by businesses to help replace the cost of phone lines and answering 1000′s of emails. A simple live chat widget on your website can help increase sales tenfold.

Why live chat

Live chat is used by websites to help increase sales and customer satisfaction. By engaging with their visitors, a website can answer questions about a product or to help support a user in their time of need.

Not only is it a great tool that will help any business website, it also helps drive cost down.

Who uses live chat

  • Live chat can be used by almost any kind of website. Some websites include:
  • The Police for non emergency help and support
  • The Government for supporting users on their many websites.
  • Taxi ¬†firms, to help take online bookings.
  • Restaurants for online bookings and queries.
  • Online stores to help with sales and product questions.
  • Small business websites for simple support and questions.

+ many many more.

How does it benefit my business?

By using live chat, you can engage and communicate with your visitors in real time. This can help you either solve clients questions or to help with sales of your online products.

By adding an online virtual salesman to your website. Live chat can help increase sales almost overnight for a very low monthly cost.

Live chat costs a lot less than expensive phone lines. Your clients don’t pay a penny and your support staff can multi-task. Allowing them to answer more than one client at a time!

How do I install live chat software?

Live chat software is normally installed by placing a small amount of HTML or Javascript code into your own website. Chat suppliers normally can assist with this either by the use of online widgets and apps or via live chat itself. Imsupporting for example can even install it for you. For free!

Is it webbased or do you need to download the chat system?

IMsupporting live chat software is a 100% webbased solution. This means ZERO downloads. You simply login to your console via the imsupporting website and start chatting to your visitors instantly.

There is even a free trial!

Can I increase sales by using live chat?

Simple answer, YES.

Slightly more complex answer.. Yes, however it does require some effort on your side.
You will need to be online waiting to answer chats during your busy periods. You will need to be polite, helpful and assist your users as much as possible.

This sounds like basic information, however it isnt uncommon to come across unhelpful support staff.
Be the best! and you will increase sales almost instantly!

What features does this live chat software have?

Apart from the obvious “live chat” feature. IMsupporting have many others, Some popular ones listed below are:

  • Free offline / callback system.
  • SSL Encryption for secure chats.
  • Chat transcripts.
  • CSS Customizations for custom designs.
  • Chat system branding.
  • Multiple operator support.
  • Realtime visitor monitoring.
  • User geolocation
  • Realtime viewing of what your users type, as they type it!

+ Much more!

Where do I sign up?

You can get a 100% Free trial of the IMsupporting live chat software from the website.

Simply click here to register FREE now, and start chatting to your visitors today!

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